I Spy

I Spy
Posted on 12/19/2017
4th graders at Deer Ridge have been hard at work on a project: creating their very own I Spy book. There were lots of steps involved in creating this book: 
  1. Bringing in small items from home
  2. Arranging items for a photoshoot
  3. Taking pictures of the items
  4. Deciding which objects the reader should find on each page
  5. Composing rhyming text with a certain number of beats per line
  6. Putting all of the pieces together using Book Creator's website
  7. Adding an audio recording to each page so younger students could hear the words read to them

An online version and a hard copy version were published. The hard copy version is available in the school library for anyone to check out. 

The online version can be accessed by clicking here.

We are very proud of our finished product and hope you enjoy reading our book!